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FireCreek Snacks - Smokehouse BBQ Rub 6.5oz - 6-pack

FireCreek Snacks - Smokehouse BBQ Rub 6.5oz - 6-pack

Firecreek Snacks
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FireCreek Snacks developed their reputation for excellence with bold flavors and simple ingredients. FireCreek Seasonings are offered in two flavors Studs All-Purpose Rub and Smokehouse BBQ Rub. Studs All-Purpose Rub is a family recipe passed down and refined into a seasoning that will complement any meal. Studs All-Purpose Rub is excellent for steaks, chops, chicken, dry-rubbed BBQ, fish, and other proteins too. The Smokehouse BBQ Rub makes use of FireCreek Snacks founding familys passion for preparing high-quality meals and meats with its signature strong smoke flavor. Simply shake it on pork or chicken before grilling, add to your BBQ sauce to create a unique taste, or add to ground beef to make your own sloppy joe sandwiches. FireCreek Snacks is devoted to providing a quality seasoning experience and their seasonings do not contain MSG. FireCreek Snacks Seasonings will add savory, bold flavors to your meats and vegetables for a memorable meal youll be proud to share with friends and family.

Professionally blended seasoning with a bold, smoky BBQ flavor profile

For use on ribs, pork, chicken, ground beef, and other proteins and vegetables

No MSG; this seasoning is truly all-purpose and complements any meal

Season meat prior to cooking for best results; season your meal to taste

Comes in a 6 pack of 6.5 ounce containers with a convenient flip top sift and spoon cap