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Hi-Viz Wide Magnetic Shotgun Sight - Green LitePipe

Hi-Viz Wide Magnetic Shotgun Sight - Green LitePipe

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Hi-Viz Magnetic Shotgun Sight-Wide has a magnetic base sight to fit ventilated shotgun ribs from 21/64" to 7/16". Shoot better on the range, in the marsh and in the field with a super bright Hi-Viz shotgun sight. Fits Winchester all post 1964 pumps and autoloaders Mossberg all (except ported models) Browning Citori target grades (except super wide ribs) Beretta S682 Comp and trap guns.

Hi-Viz wide shotgun sight - green

Fits vent ribs 21/64" to 7/16"

Fits wide vent ribs

Shoot better with better sights

Easy to install with magnets

Super bright green LitePipe

Made in the USA